Fluffy's Chicken

One Bite will get you right

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The Challenge –

Fluffy’s Chicken Strived to differentiate its offering in a crowded marketing place. They had the lofty goal of visually competing with the only experience offered by major Franchises in the Fast Food market as a small family owned business. A strong UX/UI was absolutely essential.

Our Approach –

Our team knew the online ordering experience had to be incredibly seamless and familiar to the target audience in order for the conversion rate to be high. The design needed to inspire the customer to take action but to also visually appeal to the senses. It was a challenge to not do what was already done so we leaned into making the spices pop and very visible to lean into the brand’s reputation for being rich in flavor. The pops of color from the spices allowed us to incorporate the brand colors seamlessly into the design to inject flavor wherever possible.
Brand recognition was also a goal so we made the logo the centerpiece of the menu without it being distracting or feeling oddly placed. We also created a checkout icon customized as a branded bag.


  • Objective 1

    Create a restaurant website with seamless online ordering with the ability to recommend popular items during the ordering process

  • Objective 2

    Increase the efficiency of the backoffice by allowing for confirmed orders to be sent via text, email and phone call.

  • Objective 3

    Make special offers visible to customers to increase sales.


  • Result 1

    Increased the dollar value of the average order by 1.5X

  • Result 2

    Back office team never missed an order and reduced pain points of customers by decreasing wait time for pick up.

  • Result 2

    Due to the strategic placement of special offers, Fluffy’s saw a 350% increase in the purchase or promoted offers.

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