Clicks Restaurant Marketing Improves the way you connect with your customers

Our Mission

Some of the world’s best restaurants are a best kept secret. Connecting the world with delicious cuisine is our primary purpose through new websites, creative design and advertising. We are creative designers with a passion for food and new experiences. 

Our belief is that world class design should be affordable for every restaurant. United in our love for the people who make our tummies happy, it is our mission to make access to affordable designs that wow, a reality. 

Our Commitment

To Our Customers

Clicks Restaurant Marketing is committed to providing creative design and advertising solutions customized to match your needs on time and affordable to help your business scale. 

Our Vision

 “To Become The Global Leader In Restaurant Web Design, Creative Design and Advertising”

Our Story

Our founder had a flavorful meal during a business conference and he had to seek the restaurant out. He quickly became a regular but after a month of visiting the restaurant he showed up one day for a meal on the patio and they were closed. Without haste he contacted the owner and she shared that her location was not in a heavily trafficked area and she did not know how to market her business so she had no choice but to close. From this day our founder committed to creating an arm of his creative agency focused solely on partnering with restaurants, especially those who believe marketing is not within reach. 

Recognizing that this industry has been underserved when it comes to creative design and marketing, we’re on a mission to fix that! 

Andre Cummings 

Founder and CEO

A strategic leader and visionary, Andre spent the majority of his career in digital advertising before starting his own digital agency at the end of 2019. With a background in Finance and Data Analytics he has partnered with visual creatives to craft campaigns and design websites that have significantly increased company revenue for many businesses in the retail, entertainment and restaurant industries. When not deep into data, he enjoys watching/playing competitive soccer, watching motorsport, discovering hidden gems and ATV riding.